2 simple question about limit exceeded private sub 
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 2 simple question about limit exceeded private sub

I have 2 simple questions ,but how do you get around limit exceed approx 750 case statements
in a private sub
Private Sub List1_Click()
Select Case List1.Text
Case "firstquestion"  'Replace w/ question
List2.Text = "answer" 'Replace w/ answer
Text2.Text = "answer"
end select

it has a search class & 2lists side by side
either way the user can select or search the list for the matching word

and also could this be done easier with loop stats
and if so how?
search option ex..

Private Sub txtsearchlist1_Change()
Dim Index As Integer

Index = FindFirstMatch(List1, txtsearchlist1.Text, -1, optSearchType(0).Value)
List1.ListIndex = Index
If Index >= 0 Then List1.Selected(Index) = True

I have been really stuck could someone post/ email/point to some code that can help me on this.Thanks

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Fri, 21 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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