reset Toggle btn in Option Grp when, Next Record 
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 reset Toggle btn in Option Grp when, Next Record

I am using MSAccess97

I have 3 toggle buttons in an Option Group.

When I click them they work fine.

However, when I go to next record, it "remembers" the button was pushed and
it is seen as down in the next record or new record, even tho it doesn't do
the action of click, it 'looks' like it should. If I want to click this
button again on the new record, I must first click one of the others and
then the one I wanted. This occurs for all three buttons.

How can I reset all the buttons so that they don't appear pushed when going
to the next record or making a new record, and the first time I click one,
it does the action, even though I had pushed it on the previous record?  The
default data property won't work in an Option Group.

Thanks y'all



Sat, 16 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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