F1 context sensitive help doesn't work on MDI child forms 
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 F1 context sensitive help doesn't work on MDI child forms

Has anyone experienced and/or solved the problem of
F1 context sensitive help not working with native
Microsoft controls (textbox, buttons, combo box, listbox)
in Visual Basic 6.

In my program, I created MDI application and two MDI child forms
(let's say frmA and frmB, both with those basic controls).
When I first loaded frm A, F1 help works.  But when loading frmB
by clicking a button from frmA, it didn't work.  The help file is
opened but to the first page of the file, not  to the proper page
specified by the help context ID.

I am guessing that the active form that F1 help recognizes in an MDI
application is the first child form to be loaded.

Any comments or advice?


Sun, 21 Aug 2005 06:48:57 GMT  
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