Updating a Combobox after Database Update 
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 Updating a Combobox after Database Update


I appreciate any and all help with this one!

I have three forms with the following properties:

Form1 - MDIContainer - "Parent"
Form2 - MDIChild - "Child1" - contains a combobox that
contains company names stored in a database, also
contains the database connection, data adapter and data
Form3 - MDIChild2 - "Child2" - a form to create and
delete customers from the database.

The problem:  If Child1 is open, when I create a new
customer using Child2, the combobox on Child1 is not
updated to show the new company name, and I have to close
and reopen Child1 to reflect the changes.  Also, if
Child1 is open and I delete a customer from the database,
the combobox is not updated.  

The question:  is there a way to automatically have
Child2 make the combobox on Child1 "update" itself when a
customer is either added or deleted?  I have tried
accessing Child1 with no success, and if I Dim a new one  
on Child2 then it doesn't access the currently opened

Again, I appreciate any help that you all can give on

- Robert Dempsey

Sun, 31 Jul 2005 00:42:42 GMT  
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