Treeview, tag, assign objects 
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 Treeview, tag, assign objects

I've seen a few postings about the problem with assigning objects to activex
control tags (ie bug Q176392). MS says it is fixed in VB6. Here is a
solution for VB5 though that seems to work. Only for used defined classes

The solution is to add your own default property to your class like:

    Public Property Get ObjectRef() As IUnknown
      Set ObjectRef = Me
    End Property

Choose    tools->procedure attributes->advanced and set procedure ID to

Now we have a default poperty that returns an object ref!

Set the tag like:

  Dim nodX As Node
  Dim myObject As MyClass

  Set myObject = New MyClass

  Set nodX = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(, , "x", "x", "folder", "openfolder")
  nodX.tag = myObject

Use the tag like:

      Dim myObj As MyClass

      Set myObj = Node.tag


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