Binding VB OLE Control to DB without using a data control 
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 Binding VB OLE Control to DB without using a data control

We are working on a VB 5.0 app using VB Ent. 5.0. The app is connecting to
SQL Anywhere 5.5.01 via ODBC (either DAO, RDO or ADO).

The SQL Anywhere DB has a table with a BLOB column that will hold Word 97
documents. We have prototyped a simple VB app which has a bound OLE control
that shows a preview of the word document and then activates Word 97 offsite
with the selected document. After the user finishes editing the Word
document and leaves Word the OLE control updates the BLOB field in the DB.
This is fine except for the following problems.

1) Bound controls do not give us the precise control over the transaction
that we have with other techniques. The control automatically updates the DB
for us. This prevents the user from opening a document, changing something,
and then deciding that they did not want to update the DB.

2) We need to put a lock on the DB for the particular record being edited to
prevent simultaneous access to the same document.

3) We want to check security to see if the document is on the "Ok to edit"
list for this user.

Given these problems we need a way to unbind the OLE control from the
database so we can control when data goes in/out of the control and when it
goes to the DB.

I can probably write some VB code to pull the data from the DB under the
above conditions but how do I get the data into the OLE control?

I have looked at most of the properties and functions and am yet to see if
there is any way to cleanly move the data back and forth.

Would it simply be better to create a temporary file which I run with "Shell
Execute" or OLE?

Please help.

Dave Bolt

Thu, 20 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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