controls don't react after right-click 
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 controls don't react after right-click

- My application has two forms
- the first form has "show in taskbar" = True and the second form has "show
in taskbar" = False
- if I open the first form, the task of the first form down
- if I open the second form, the task of the first form comes up

- the problem
--> on the second form there are 3 controls: a treeview, a grid and a
--> if I do a rigth-click on the second form and get immediately out of this
menu, the treeview and the menubar don't react for a normal left-click event
(as seems as enable the right-click these controls)
--> only the grid is active and react to a left-click
--> then I click the task on the taskbar and then the task in the taskbar is
down and the form (incl. the both controls) works normally

Is there any way to automize the click on the task bar, which solve my
problem with the both controls?
I try to use the API functions: SetFocus, SetForegroundWindow,
SetActiveWindow and SetCapture, but is doesn't help.
Or another way the activate my controls?

Thx in advance for every help or info,

Armer Raggot

Fri, 03 Dec 2004 17:00:27 GMT  
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