Can MultiMedia control play AVI with sound track? 
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 Can MultiMedia control play AVI with sound track?

VB 4: I can't persuade the MMcontrol to play the sound built into an
AVI. It plays the video. The fact that there are separate device types
of AVIVideo and Waveaudio makes me suspect the control that comes with
VB4 can't handle it, but I can't find anything on MS's various sites
that indicates an upgrade control that can handle sound with an AVI.
Before I waste the next two weeks searching futilely (since I have an
API that is supposed to handle this issue), can anyone confirm that the
VB4 MCI control cannot play an AVI with embedded sound, or that there is
not an upgraded control that can be used with VB4? Thanks...Pete

Wed, 27 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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