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 HELP-Add route + Kill File


version=VB5.0, SP3

I am using inet control to ftp one file to a server. When
a dial-up conn is launched, my route to the remote host
needs to be added again. I have been doing this with
a shell script (I mean batch file). Does anybody know
an API or other method that would be the equivalent of:

route add (local ip) (gateway) ?

I simply need to add that one route (out my ethernet card).
Launching a batch file from shell is a gross way to do it.

Also, killing a file after sending is a problem while error
trapping is enabled. Why is this? The documentation
says just perform a "goto 0" first, but that doesn't work.
Kill works fine if error trapping isn't invoked (which isn't
an option). I simply need to:

kill "test.log"

This causes an error like "argument expected, not variable".
I have been performing the delete with a batch file. That's
pretty gross huh? How can I blow away a file called test.log
without shelling a batch file?  Kill doesn't work with error
trapping invoked.

Thanks in advance, (reply by e-mail hopefully),

Thu, 19 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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