OLE control and scanned image 
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 OLE control and scanned image

I apologize if this message appears twice but i posted it yesterday and
don't see it on my list.  I want to copy and paste a scanned image from the
HP Deskscan program to an embedded OLE control.  When I copy the image to
the clipboard from the Deskscan program the OLE control tells me can't
paste, but if I save the image as a bitmap and copy and paste the file
itself it works.  This involves too many steps for the inexperienced user.
The easiest way would be to drag and drop the image but the Deskscan
program does not allow dragging.  If the class property is not set on the
control it seems to accept almost anything I paste to it, but do I have to
give it a class for it to accept the Deskscan image and if so what is the
class?  I would appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Sat, 22 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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