Tracking the cursor in a textbox 
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 Tracking the cursor in a textbox

I am trying to create a quick-info box that displays information to the user
as they type in a text box (similar to a ToolTip). I get it to work fine
except when I change the font.

How do I get the font size (width and height) for the currently selected
font in the textbox. I have tried the GetTextExtentPoint32 API call. This
works fine with the System font and a size if 10, but when I change the font
as a user might, the dimensions no longer correspond to the new font.

I noticed that the information provided on the MS Developer Network CD tells
me that the GetTextExtentPoint32 API call uses the currently selected font.
My question is, what is this currently selected font from, and how do I get
this function to use the one I want?

Any ideas or samples would be greatly appreciated.


Thu, 19 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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