Listview + multiselect + drag & drop = bug? 
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 Listview + multiselect + drag & drop = bug?

Hi all,
I use VB6 / SP3, up until now I've successfully implemented drag & drop from
the listview to another ctrl. I want to do the same with
myLVctrl.Multiselect = true. Here's how I start the drag operation:

Private Sub myLVctrl_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As
Single, y As Single)
    Call .Drag(vbBeginDrag)
End Sub

I expected that the ctrl let all the selected items hilighted as in windows
explorer. Its works OK when dragging with right mouse button. But with left
mouse button, all the selected items become unhilighted, except the only one
item where the mouse is over. And at the drop, the receiver object only
"see" this unique item. Same behaviour if I implement the listview click
event or not.

Actually, I can do multiselect + drag & drop correctly with the left mouse
button, but I really have to glide VERY quickly with the mouse to have the
chance having all the selected items hilighted. I suspect the VB6's listview
ctrl is not the same than the one used in Windows Explorer.

If you already came across this pb. I'll appreciate greatly to share your
Thank you very much in advance.

Daniel-Tri Nguyen
(if answer by email, please remove all digits and spaces from my email

Thu, 02 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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