Help: MSFlexgrid 6.0 (sp3) and ImageList icons 
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 Help: MSFlexgrid 6.0 (sp3) and ImageList icons


I have run into a bit of a brick wall trying to get icons into an MSFlexgrid
using the .CellPicture property.  Here are the details, I hope someone has
some suggestions:

- We use an application-wide ImageList control to supply icons for all
forms/controls/toolbars etc. etc.
- I have populated the ImageList control with a bunch of 16x16 Icon files,
these work fine with toolbars and buttons.
- When I try to assign an icon to a flexgrid cell, it appears too large and
blocky (perhaps it is displaying at 32x32?) eg Set Me.grdMyGrid.CellPicture
= gimlMyImageList.ListImages("MyIcon").Picture (Sorry, I forget the exact
syntax for the ImageList)
- I found to get round this, if I used an image that was originally a 16x16
bitmap, the size came out correctly. HOWEVER, then I can't make the bitmap
background invisible.  This means that I have to make my grid white, and my
bitmap backgrounds white.
- This isn't a very flexible solution, I was wondering if anybody has taken
this any further?

Thanks in advance,


Fri, 14 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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