Horizontal scrolling in TreeView Control 
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 Horizontal scrolling in TreeView Control

Hi Folks,
                I have a problem in the treeview control.I am using the tree
control from Microsoft Windows Common Controls6.0(SP4).When a select a
particular node in the treeview and scroll it horizontally, there is a
painting problem (ie.., small yellow dotted lines appear). I tried using the
treecontrol from Microsoft Windows Common Controls5.0(SP2) and this problem
does not occur in it. So far so Good.
               But the problem lies here, i want to assign an object to a
node's tag property.(Eg; Set Node.Tag= some collection).This only works with
the tree control from Microsoft Windows Common Controls6.0(SP4) and not with
the treecontrol from Microsoft Windows Common Controls5.0(SP2).So i will
have to use the first treecontrol i guess (Microsoft Windows Common
Controls6.0(SP4) .Can anyone suggest a way to solve the painting problem
that i have in this control while scrolling it horizontally.

            Hope u folks can help me out here.
Thanks in advance.


Wed, 12 Nov 2003 10:25:04 GMT  
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