Send huge amounts of data with freeware Huge Socket! (source code incl.) 
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 Send huge amounts of data with freeware Huge Socket! (source code incl.)

Start writing decent winsock apps using my control that comes with full
source code so you can customise it and optimize it.

Go ahead. Download it at


It'll be a download you wont regret.

A feature I plan to implement within the end of this week:

Before data is pumped on to the network, it is compressed (at up to 99%
compression, wow!) Then when it reaches it's destination as a full data
block, it is then decompressed, and you receive that data as whole again
at the other end. How's that solve some of your network traffic
problems? Much less traffic with compression. (For example, try sending
a 1.0MB bitmap across. Without the compression, you'd send 1 megabyte of
data that could have been compressed to as little as 10KB. How's that
for an idea of cutting down traffic and also speeding up the sending and
receiving through the network. For global internet servers, this is an
excellent idea, since the data is compressed after the send and
decompressed just before you receive it via the event.

More events will be implemented as I find the time, but I'm sure that by
the end of next week, I will have implemented:

- A SendProgress Event that will determine the total bytes sent and
total bytes to send.

- A SendComplete Event that will fire when the sending is complete.

- Full compression and decompression on the byte arrays.

Fri, 02 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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