DTPicker control distribution problem (MSCOMCT2.OCX) 
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 DTPicker control distribution problem (MSCOMCT2.OCX)


I use the Date Time Picker control version 6 (MSCOMCT2.OCX) in an Oracle
Form (container). This is working find in my computer where Visual Basic is
installed. But in the client system, with Windows 95C (VB not installed),
the control fails to be created in a container.  The MSCOMCT2.OCX control is
properly registered. I guess dependant DLLs are missing, or should be
updated, but I found not documentation on this.  The only thing I found for
distribution the DTPicker control is to register MSCOMCT2.OCX.

Do you know what DLLs could be missing ?

Should I upgrade the client system with some sort of patch (OLE or other)
from Microsoft?

I tried updating all DLLs I know could be the source, but was unsuccessful.

Thanks for any reply.

- Yvan

Tue, 29 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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