Why don't my exe's and ocx's unregister 
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 Why don't my exe's and ocx's unregister

I have a couple machines I use for development.  Both of them have several
dll's, ocx's, and active x exe's that I have created.

If I manually unregister them using regsvr32 /u mydll.dll or myexe.exe
/unregserver, most of these components unregister but not all of them.
There is always one or two, and they are different on each machine, that
doesn't unregister.

To test to see if they have been unregistered, I load VB and look in Project
/ References and Project / Components.  If I see them there I assume they
did not get unregistered.  Whats happening???

Clark Sann

Sun, 04 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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