Problems with ADO, DataCombo and WIN98 
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 Problems with ADO, DataCombo and WIN98

Hello everyone,
I've an Access Database in a network place.
I use it with a VB program containing some DBCombos and ADODCs.
I'm using MDAC 2.1 from Visual Studio Service Pack 3.
Why does WIN98 stop during loading some recordsets in DataCombo?
Note ONLY WINDOWS 98 does not work properly...
I Use a WIN98 release from the OEM and I used the Service Pack 1 form
Windows 98.
I have to say that with WinNT and Win95 it work properly.
I NEED TO USE WIN98 and I HAVE to Use DBCombo for performence.
Also, if I use WIN98 and the database from a local drive, ALL WORKS

Please is very urgent.

Tank you in advance

Sun, 19 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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