Office Application Bar (was Re: Office Assistant '97 Command Button: FREEWARE) 
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 Office Application Bar (was Re: Office Assistant '97 Command Button: FREEWARE)

Here's my contribution to the freeware pile:

Sample code to create one of those sliding application bars (like office
95/97 and the windows task bar).

Mail me for the code (specify VB4 or 5).

or go to:



> Here's my contribution to the freeware component cause.

> OACTools Beta 1

> It's a control designed to imitate the command button of the Office '97
> Assistant.  Although the Assistant is rather annoying,   I really dig his
> buttons.  Future releases will also have the active label used by the
> Office Assistant.

> Hopefully we can develop a community of developers willing to share some
> the cool components they've poured there heart and soul into.  I think
> capitalism has gone too far when a plug-in tool set of components costs
> more than my development environment :)

> Please forward any comments,  bug reports,  etc. to me at the E-mail
> address below.

> Tyler Kline

> Lexon Corporation
> Columbus,  Ohio

Mon, 29 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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