Decimal separtor problem with regional setting 
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 Decimal separtor problem with regional setting

I'am having some problems with the decimal separtor when using a different
regional setting (i.e. Dutch). The Dutch regional setting for numbers are
decimal symbol , and for the Digit grouping symbol .


When i enter a number for example 1,2 then the textbox automaticly change my
number to 12.  This also happens when i enter a number 1.2.

Also when i enter a number for example 2 and update my database it makes the
number into 200. The last problem can be resolved by setting the textbox to
a General dataformat but thats not what i would like because a woud like to
have 2 No of digits after the decimal.

When i use the English setting all works well.

Thanks for help

Wed, 02 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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