Rich Text on Window 95,98, 2000 and NT 
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 Rich Text on Window 95,98, 2000 and NT

        I am writing an application to run on Windows 95,
98, 2000 and NT.
I would like to use a RICH Text Box but when I execute the
program I get an error “missing RICH32.ocx”. Is this the
only thing I need and in what director do I put it.

Tue, 01 Feb 2005 23:11:53 GMT  
 Rich Text on Window 95,98, 2000 and NT

RichTx32.ocx relies on RichEd32.dll to work properly. RichEd32.dll is
shipped with the operating system while RichTx32.ocx does not.

Generally speaking, I suggest that you use "Package and Deployment Wizard"
tool shipped with VB 6.0 to package your VB 6.0 application so that the
necessary files your VB application replies on will be installed and
registered properly on the target machine.

You can launch "Package and Deployment Wizard" by choosing
[Start]->[Programs]->[Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0]->[Microsoft Visual
Studio Tools]->[Package & Deployment Wizard].

Elan Zhou
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Sun, 06 Feb 2005 14:29:36 GMT  
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