Q: MSChart, diff colors on single column bars 
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 Q: MSChart, diff colors on single column bars


I am using an MSChart control.  I know you can set different colors to
the bars if you have more than one bar/column in a row, giving all the
bars for the first column one color, all the bars for the second column
another color, etc.

What I have is a chart with one bar/column per row, and I need each bar
to be a different color.
E.g.:  Row1'2 only bar is red, Row2's only bar is blue, Row3's only bar
is green.

I can find no way to do this.
If anyone knows how, or even has any ideas, please post a reply
or e-mail me.


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Mon, 25 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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