DHTML Edit Control, RTF Edit Control, Access 97 Client, SQLServer 7.0 Back End 
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 DHTML Edit Control, RTF Edit Control, Access 97 Client, SQLServer 7.0 Back End

I can't believe that an ActiveX control like what I describe here is not
available from MS (or from a 3rd party). Either I've overlooked the obvious,
or misunderstood what I've read and seen in samples and the literature, or
there's an important need that's been overlooked:

There exists a great little RTF Edit control from MS that you can host in
any VB6 or Access 97 form. Works like a dream and is easy to use.

"Why would anyone want to use it?" you ask.

Answer: To add emphasis via formatting (bold, italic, font size, color,
etc.) to specific text elements (word) within a memo field stored in a SQL
server without formatting the *entire* contents of the field.

The SQL Server for my app will be serving up data to Web browser clients
(one day during the next 2 years) and in the interim the principal users
still need to store formatted text in the SQL Server using their Access 97
clients. We could stick to RTF or we could already start formatting the
stored data in HTML. One day the formatted text will be bound for HTML-based
clients, so this seems reasonable, doesn't it? (Especially in light of
obviating the need for an RTF->HTML translation on the legacy data during
the migration.)

From what I've gathered (please correct me):
1. The DHTML Edit Control is not hostable from within an Access 97 form.
2. Even if using Access 2000, a hidden textarea field would still have to
serve as "waystation" for reading from and persisting data to the SQL

What I'm really look for is confirmation that my assumptions are correct,
and maybe even more importantly, some bright ideas and experienced input
regarding what a better interim data-handling strategy might be.



Geneva, Switzerlland

Sat, 03 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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