Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0 Problem (Print Dialog) 
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 Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0 Problem (Print Dialog)

This is the exact dialog that I get with ShowPrinter.

> Hi!

> I have a problem with the Print Dialog in Microsoft Common Dialog Control
> 6.0 (SP3).
> I place a ComonDialog component (dlgPrint) on my form and in the code I do
> "dlgPrint.ShowPrinter" call.

> The Print Dialog box (language swedish) appears as shown in the attached
> picture.
>  As can be seen there is no Collate check box and the page grouping is
> misplaced.
> I've tried to find information on this problem (?) on MSDN but with no
> result.
> Anyone got any ideas...?

> Regards,
> /Tomas

Tue, 18 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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