Need Help From An ADO Guru 
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 Need Help From An ADO Guru

I am creating a recordset within my VB6 program using ADO.

After the recordset is created, I need to sort the first field of the

If I create the field as follows:

r.Fields.Append "Field1", adChar, 25

and then sort it as follows:

r.Sort "Field1"

everything works fine.

But, what I want to do is create a field as a variable length string such

r.Fields.Append "Field1", adBSTR

When I do this, and then sort using the following:

r.Sort "Field1"

I get a runtime error.

The error message is "The requested order could not be opened"

It looks as if you can only sort on a fixed length field.
Is that correct?

I would like to be able to sort on a variable length string.
Can this be done using ADO?

If so, can someone provide sample code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mon, 04 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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