Resizing columns in datagrid control automatically 
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 Resizing columns in datagrid control automatically

I am using the data grid (datalist controls v6) and ado data control ( V6)
control in an active x control which I place on a web page. I pass through a
parameter which I use to modify the recordsource property so I can display
several different tables by modifying the parameter from the ASP page.


<PARAM NAME="someSQL" VALUE="<%=someSQL%>">

This works fine, however how can I autofit the columns so that it fits to
the largest entry in the datagrid. (Note the number of columns is not fixed
as the recordsource can refer to a different table.)

I looked at the defcolwidth property but could not get this to work. Any
help would be greatly appreciated



Sun, 16 Nov 2003 01:39:01 GMT  
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