ADO/Combo box limitations 
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 ADO/Combo box limitations

I sure could use some help with this: I have a datacombo box in
dropdownlist style using ADO recordsets as the row and data sources.

The list field is state names and the data field is two-letter state

Pretty simple stuff, right? Everyone writes one of these eventually,
right? The problem is that I cannot get the combo to display
states "higher" than Rhode Island. Texas, Wyoming, Utah, etc. just
won't display even when the data source has their abbreviations.

I have raised the .cachesize and the .maxrecords values on the row
source recordset with no effect.

You can, indeed, scroll down to "Texas" and "TX" WILL get written to
the destination field but any subsequent display of the record will
show a blank instead of "Texas" (or Utah, etc.).

What simple dcbo.Property (with an inadequate default value) have I
overlooked? Is there a limit to the number of rows that a datacombo can
handle? Thanks for looking at this.

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