CheckBoxes in a DataGrid column 
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 CheckBoxes in a DataGrid column

i tried to format a DataGrid Control column to checkboxes
(via Properties -> Format), but it still shows '0' or '-1'.
The DataGrid is bound to a recordset generated by
DataEnvironment. The column is of type boolean in Access.
Access shows the column as checkboxes.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

Sun, 29 Aug 2004 00:48:37 GMT  
 CheckBoxes in a DataGrid column
It appears that there is a limitation of the DataGrid control with
formatting the column as a checkbox. The checkbox option is not designed to
insert checkboxes into a column. It's only a formatting option. When we
choose the Checkbox option of the format tab, we are actually telling the
DataGrid to format the data. In this case
the format says to convert data to either 0 or 1. No checkbox will be
displayed. You may want to check about some third party control to
accomplish this, such as DataTable ActiveX control at
(The third-party products discussed above are manufactured by vendors
independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise,
regarding these products' performance or reliability)

Best Regards,

Alick Ye

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Mon, 30 Aug 2004 10:44:01 GMT  
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