WANTED: VB Guru for small Active-x programming contract 
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 WANTED: VB Guru for small Active-x programming contract

We are looking for somone to write a VB active-x application that will
run on an NT server (or workstation) and resolve the following issues:

1.  a networked user application will send a path\filename packet to the
active-x app that fetches the designated file and"

  a.  copies if from the desginated 'server' path to the user's  

  b.  or copies it from the the user's workstation back to a desginated
'server' path.

2.  the 'server' path in question is not        visible within the user's
environment and permissions. That is, they ordinarially have no access to
the location where the file resides.

3.  the user will only have rights to the location of the active-x app.  

4.  the active-x app HAS the needed permissions to access the files and

5.  the code must be written in VB5 or VB6 and properly commented.

6.  supplemental code will be required for the installation of the
active-x app and user-side registration of the app.

7.  code source ownership shall be that of AutoMate Corporation.

8.  programmer will be required to sign a standard non-disclosure

If your are interested in developing this component module for AutoMate
Corporation, please contact Robert Lieberman via phone or e-mail to

AutoMate Corporation
info (at) automate (dot) net
Voice:  847-676-4636
Fax:    847-676-4699

Wed, 10 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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