Help! Wang Imaging Professional - Imag Scan Control 
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 Help! Wang Imaging Professional - Imag Scan Control

I am using Wang's Imaging professional for Windows 95 in my

I am not be able to control the image type of the scanner i-e I can't
set scanner to scan pages according to a required image type (like
Black & White or True Colors).

Let me explain the scenario.

I scanned some True Color images using some other scanning like HP
Desk Scan.

Now through my VB application I want to scan images in a B&W format.
I try to set scanner options using SetScanCapability(100,1) but this
does not work.

When I issue ImgScan1.StartScan command , StatusCode = -2146827175 is

Thanks !!!!

Best regards


Sun, 07 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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