BUG: ComCtl32.OCX 5.0 w/ RichTx32.OCX 5.0 
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 BUG: ComCtl32.OCX 5.0 w/ RichTx32.OCX 5.0

I started a project a bit earlier using an earlier version of ComCtl32.ocx
with an earlier version of RichTx32.OCX, Since then I have bought Office 97
which comes with new versions of both of these controls. I updated my
program successfully but there seems to be a compatibility problem with the
OLEDragDrop event of the RichText control. The Rich Textbox Control 5.0 is
alot better then the older version but I can't even compile my program. I
get an "Event Procedure does not match Declaration of event having same
name" and it points to the OLEDragDrop of my rich textbox. When I remove
all my code from this event I get the same error only in the Common Control
OLEDragDrop Event. I use both procedures so I can't just leave them both
blank. If anyone knows where I can get an updated version of the


Mon, 16 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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