Problem in VBA with ActiveX control that contains another ActiveX control 
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 Problem in VBA with ActiveX control that contains another ActiveX control

I created an activeX control called "ColorPicker'. In ColorPicker, I added a
form that embeds another activeX control "ColorTable" in it. When the
ColorPicker is clicked, the form that contains the ColorTable is shown. When
user clicks on one of the color in the ColorTable, the click event of
ColorTable is activated inform the ColorPicker the color clicked. The
ColorPicker control works fine in VB client, but it doesn't work in VBA
client. In VBA client, whenever I access any of the properties of
ColorPicker, I got " Run-time error '430': Class does not support Automation
or does not support expected interface". The ColorTable control works both
in VB client and VBA client.

Please help!


Mon, 01 Nov 2004 02:43:03 GMT  
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