Overlay pbox & frame in 1 pbox 
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 Overlay pbox & frame in 1 pbox

I am generating four plots simultaneously in picture
boxes.  The pbox (plot) is seen in the top ? of the screen
while a frame is at bottom ?.  The frame provides critical
information and the ability to select other plots to view
as well as make a realtime hardcopy.  

Each plot needs to be saved periodically as conditions
change.  I have tried the savepicture function to capture
plot, but as you know, that will not capture the frame
information below.

OVERLAY FRAME ON LAST ? of Picturebox:
As a solution, I am trying to place Picbox1 onto larger
Picbox2 and placing frame control at  bottom of Picbox2,
then using savepicture function on pbox2 to capture plot
and critical info in frame.  At this time, I set container
of Picbox1 and frame to the large picbox2.  I can see
plot, but frame does not appear at the bottom, just ? of
the underlying picbox2, empty.  I have set clipcontrols
of  the larger picbox2 to T and still frame is not
Please set me straight.


Sat, 22 Jan 2005 02:20:33 GMT  
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