Trouble with Collection of Classes 
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 Trouble with Collection of Classes

 I am using a collection of keywords in my project.  the code for the
keyword class is very simple here it is.

Private mstrKeyword As String

Public Property Get Keyword() As String
    Keyword = mstrKeyword
End Property

Public Property Let Keyword(ByRef strNewValue As String)
    mstrKeyword = strNewValue
End Property
Here is the code for the collection class.

Option Explicit
Private KeyCollection As Collection
Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    Set KeyCollection = New Collection
End Sub

Public Sub Add(Keyword As String, Optional skey As String)
    Dim tmpKeyword As Keyword
    Set tmpKeyword = New Keyword

    tmpKeyword.Keyword = Keyword

    If Len(skey) = 0 Then
        KeyCollection.Add tmpKeyword
        KeyCollection.Add tmpKeyword, skey
    End If

    Set tmpKeyword = Nothing

End Sub

Public Property Get Item(vintItem As Variant) As Keyword
    Set Item = KeyCollection(vintItem)

End Property

Public Property Get count() As Long
    count = KeyCollection.count

End Property

Public Sub remove(vntIndexKey As Variant)
    KeyCollection.remove vntIndexKey

End Sub

Public Property Get NewEnum() As IUnknown
    Set NewEnum = KeyCollection.[_NewEnum]

End Property

Private Sub Class_Terminate()
  'destroys collection when this class is terminated
    Set KeyCollection = Nothing
End Sub

I have the property get newenum procedure attribute set to -4 and hidden.

Now when I get a reference to this collection, I can count how many keywords
there is.  But when I try the following code:
        Set mykeywords = mymodel.Keywords
        If mykeywords.count > 0 Then
        For Each mykeyword In mykeywords <------ Problem is here.
            count = count + 1
            fgFilters.AddItem mykeyword.Keyword
        End If
        Set mykeyword = Nothing
        Set mykeywords = Nothing

I get the error: Runtime error '449' - Argument is not optional.  There
should be no argument for this.
In the declarations I set the variables up to handle the mykeywords,
mykeyword, and mymodel types.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I appreciate any help.


John P. Sheppard

Mon, 23 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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