MouseMove event in ListView does not trigger when ListView in Small/Large Icon View mode 
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 MouseMove event in ListView does not trigger when ListView in Small/Large Icon View mode

I noticed a bug in the ListView control of VB5.0 SP2 comctl32.ocx.  I
searched for a workaround and finally hit upon another similar bug
listed on the Microsoft site.  The workaround is to trap windows
messaging for mouse
events and explicitly use the WM_LBUTTONUP etc, to simulate all the
events.  Another way suggested was use Message Blaster (WareWithAll,
inc.) OCX.

However, I was wondering, if using API calls, I could get this to work.

The Bug is:

MouseMove event does NOT trigger ONLY in the Small or Large icon view
mode if an item is selected.  I am using VB5.0 SP2 Win95 & WinNT4.0
This bug may have arisen due to the fix Q171494

Has anyone come across this problem?  I read about this issue being
raised by someone else in this newsgroup.  I know this can be done
usin the Windows API.  

Thanks in advance

Atul Tewari

Wed, 05 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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