Software licenses of installed software 
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 Software licenses of installed software

If have two question about licenses.

1) Is it legal to use any installed application, ActiveX control or dll on
the system? So I'm not distributing the code but verifying if it is
installed on the machine and using it if it is there. E.g. Office is
installed and I want to use the spelling checker. Or a PDF view control is
installed and I want to use it. Is this legal?
2) Is there a way to protect a control or class is such a way that every
application needs to have a license key. So basically, the license key
depends on the host. I see in IClassFactory2 that the host name is passed
but I'm not sure that that has anything to do with it.



Cyco Software

Mon, 12 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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