mscomm input question 
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 mscomm input question


I am connected to a terminal session through vb6 and I am sending out
commands, however I am waiting for a particular response before I execute
another set of commands.

What is the best way to do that?

I used something similar to the code below with bad results, where am i
going wrong?

do until
mscomm1.input = "end"

Yep I am a newbie.


Sun, 29 Aug 2004 23:29:46 GMT  
 mscomm input question

do until
mscomm1.input = "end"

Should look more like this:

Dim Buffer As String
Dim Succeed As Boolean
Do 'until Timeout = True, perhaps
    Buffer = Buffer & MSComm1.Input
    If InStr(Buffer, "end") Then
        Succeed = True
        Exit Do
    End If
If Succeed = True Then 'etc

You need to add DoEvents inside this loop.  You also may want to add a
method for waiting until some time has expired and return an error if a
response is not received before that time has expired.

I have lots more information, and working example code in my book.  See

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