Modal non MDI forms and Modeless MDI child forms in VB 5.0 
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 Modal non MDI forms and Modeless MDI child forms in VB 5.0

Hi everyone:

I am currently using VB 5.0 and I desprately need your help.  I have
some problem with MDI child forms and modal non-MDI forms.  If I have a
MDI form, child form and an About form which is not a child.  On the
child form I have a command button to open the about form modally.  Now
if I click on the desktop or another form, all forms on my application
lose focus.  At this point the only way, my application can get the
focus again is if I click on the About form.  If I click anywhere on the

MDI form or the child form, my application will not get the focus.  Most

application that I have seen, for example WORD or EXCEL, if the user
clicks on any part of the MDI form, the application will get back the
focus with the About form being active.

I would appreciate it if someone can give me some help on how to do this


Babak Boloury

Sun, 02 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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