run time error 13, data type mismatch ! 
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 run time error 13, data type mismatch !


I have a text box and cmd button and a grid. The grid display all records of
source table. Now, user enters order number is clicks on cmd button(searched
by SQL). If the record is found, the grid display only that matched record.
Up to now is okay. If the record is not found, run time error 13 is pop-up.
That made me confused because I ran the same SQL in SQL window for invalid
searching criteria and if it doesn't find, still blank grid is display. How
come my program go error message? And how can I know the the status of SQL
result so that if it doesn't find anything I can say 'Not found' with
Msgbox. Oh, I couldn't use find method because, actually, I have more than
one text boxes to search at one time.
Any help will be appreciated.


Tue, 28 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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