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 Combobox / Drop down list

THe DataCombo has a MAtchentry property that you can set to Extended and it
will allow more keystrokes. the regular combo you would have to put
together some sort of code to handle the matching. and there are 3rd party
controls out there whose capabilities allow even more variety...

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>On a form, I have a combo box set as drop down list so
>that the users can't write in it.  By hitting a key, let's
>say "M", the first item starting with "M" will be
>hightlited.  Everything works fine.

>But is it possible to enter more than one character, "M"
>and "E", and then have the first ME... highlighted instead
>of the first M and then the first E...

>Basically, I want my combo to work like the text box in
>the help index.  Is there some kind of function
>like "Find_Nearest" or something like it?

>Thanks a million !

Tue, 26 Oct 2004 21:44:10 GMT  
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