VB: Camera, videoconferencing,... 
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 VB: Camera, videoconferencing,...


Your help would REALLY be appreciated.

I would need to know if there is a way to program something with Visual Basic so
we can use a camera. More precisely: I would need to be able to build a program
which would allow users to have a "videoconference". Something similar to
NetMeeting would great. I searched but I haven't found a thing. I didn't see
anything in VB itself, so I looked for a OCX, ActiveX,... What would be nice is
if it would be possible to use a NetMeeting OCX or something like that. If
Microsoft doesn't have anything like that, do you know if any other company
distributed such a idea?!

Thank you very much
Tony M

Thank you so much

Thu, 22 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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