MSChart and 2nd Y axis Scaling Problem 
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 MSChart and 2nd Y axis Scaling Problem

Hi All,

Here's the low down.  I am having problems scaling the second Y axis on a
MSChart object correctly.  Here are the conditions:

Axes(Y).ValueScale.Auto = False (auto scaling is off for the Y axis)
Min and Max for 1st Y axis is determined.
Multiple Series have been determined and assigned to the respective Y or 2nd
Y axis.
seriescollection(x).secondaryaxis = true. etc.etc.etc.
I have set Axes(Y2).ValueScale.Auto = false b/c when set to true it uses 0
as the min.
Want to set the 2nd Y axis to the Min point and Max point that I have
already determined.

For some stupid reason the 2nd Y axis doesn't scale right. and I end up with
either all of it scaled with the 1st Y axis as its determining value without
using my specified 2nd Y axis min and max points.  Has anyone done this?



Mon, 14 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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