Progressbar (Update/Refresh Issue) 
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 Progressbar (Update/Refresh Issue)

I've got a VB 6.0 Standard EXE application.
I't has a Splash-form with a Progressbar indicating load-progress.

The progressbar is updated asyncronusly through a Timer running for as long
as the Splash-form is visible.
(repediatly counting from 0 to 100%, then starting from 0% again)

Now, the problem is that the Timer is not trigged as desired because my
application is doing some heavy ADO-connect-code and initialization of Forms
and stuff. I suspect that Windows will not allow the Timer to run because
the application is busy doing something else. I've tried to put 'DoEvents'
wherever I can in my initialization-code, but it doesn't seem to help.

- How can I make the Timer *always* trigger, no matter how busy Windows is
at the time?

- Is there maybe a ProgressBar- or Timer-component out there already
providing the desired functionality?

Hopeful regards
Terje Stendahl

Tue, 10 Feb 2004 17:55:31 GMT  
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