IE 4.7 / Win98 VRML ActiveX Control 
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 IE 4.7 / Win98 VRML ActiveX Control

I'm trying to use the MSVRML2 control that came with Windows98 with VB5 and
it tells me it can't load the dll and then VB5 causes several severe errors
and it closes.  So then I figured it was an Internet-only control.  Okay, so
I downloaded TGS Visual 3Space.  TGS advertises that it's ActiveX control
will work in VB, as well as IE, Office, and any ActiveX compatible software.
I tryed there's and got the SAME thing.  It couldn't load a dll (a different
one than MSVRML2) and then VB5 exits with several servere errors.  Does this
happen to anyone else?  I'm trying to get vrml connectivity in my
application, and this seems like the only way to do it besides writing a
control myself.  Any help would be appreciated!  :-)

- Matthew Daubert

Wed, 17 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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