Selecting Today's Date With Sheridan Date Combo 
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 Selecting Today's Date With Sheridan Date Combo


I've been tearing my hair out with this one and there doesn't appear to
be any help on the Sheridan Web Page or in their latest patch.  This
problem is so basic that there must be thousands of others affected,
but it seems like I'm the only Bozo with the problem.

I have a Sheridan SSDateCombo control that comes with version 1.08 of
Sheridan's Calendar Widgets.  It is located on a VB6 form and bound to
a Microsoft RemoteData Control.

When the underlying value (of the DataField) is Null you cannot enter
today's date (ie the date that matches your Windows date/time setting)
into the Date Combo box.  Any other date is OK, but not today's.  If
you attempt to select today's date from the drop down calendar, no date
value is assigned.  If you attempt to type today's date into the
control everything seems OK until the control receives the focus again
at which point the date changes to 30/12/1899 (or 12/30/1899).  The
same problem occurs if you use the "spin buttons" to select today's
date.  Of course it is a basic requirement that the users should be
able to select or enter today's date.  I haven't programmed any event
procedures for the SSDateCombo control and there doesn't seem to be any
properties available like "Don't allow today's date".

If on the other hand the form is opened and the control's underlying
value is not null, there aren't any problems.

Please help!


Mr Bozo

Software: VB6 SP3, Sheridan Calendar Widgets v1.08 Build 0002
          Windows NT Workstation 4.00.1381
          Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle

Keywords: VB Today RDO Remote DSN-less Oracle Widget Empty

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Sun, 21 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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