Force "new" DBGrid row to NOT be "new"??? 
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 Force "new" DBGrid row to NOT be "new"???

What is the most efficient way of "forcing" the addition of a new record
in a VB6 DBGrid?

I don't know whether this is unusual or not (or maybe just
less-than-terrific programming), but there are certain columns in one of
my DBGrids which cannot be properly updated unless the currently
selected row does NOT represent a "new" record.  In other words, certain
grid column updating proceedures *require* knowledge of the Primary Key
value for the current row.  Obviously, if the row is "new", there is no
Primary Key value to read... hence the column proceedure can't perform
its duty.

That being the case, how would you go about solving this dilemma?  I
would need your advice not only on how you might go about coding this,
but also the event(s) into which you would place this code.

I don't necessarily need you to spell it out for me word for
word(despite what my previous sentence implies).  But some really clear
pointers would sure help.

Thanks in advance.

Sun, 29 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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