OLEDragDrop from Microsoft Outlook Contacts... 
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 OLEDragDrop from Microsoft Outlook Contacts...

I am looking for the fastest solution for the following:
I am building an application that uses the various Contact folders inside of
Microsoft Outlook as my database and VB5 as the front end.  I am using
OLEDragDrop event in a list view to "quickly" move/copy contacts from
Outlook into my application.  However, I can not figure out the best data
format to enumerate the passed ContactItem items.  I am able to get this to
work using a data format of Text, but then I have to parse a lot of text in
order to perform this task.
Any thoughts?!?
Can I read the dropped items as an Outlook.Items collection?  Does anyone
already have parsing code for the text method?


Michael A. Drawbaugh

Sat, 15 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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