Problems with VB apps running under NT Terminal Server 
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 Problems with VB apps running under NT Terminal Server

I posted message below and went on holiday and have missed any responses.
Therefore apologies to anyone who may have answered but I would appreciate
any help people have ....

We have a problem with our VB development which we are trying to make
available on the windows NT terminal server platform.

Microsoft state that it is not a supported platform but then go on to say
how you can usually get your apps to run on both ther server and terminal.

Our problem is quite simple. Most of our forms have been designed using
fm20.dll (Microsoft Forms 2). This dll addresses other API's which have
different entry points (it seems) in terminal server as apposed to NT and 9x
versions of windows. Hence when you try to use an exe with this type of
component you receive a message

                    System Error &H8007007E. The specified module could not
be found.

The exe then crashes.

Has anyone seen this problem? Has anyone a work around or solution.

We use the components available in forms 2 because we need flexibility of
control of some of the components that they give as opposed to the standard
versions. Alternatively has anyone access to, or can point to a set of
components which will give us flexibility of colour, shape, handle graphics
correctly and behave reasonably under use?


Wayne Sayers

Fri, 31 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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