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 Com.exe or Com.dll


(This topic may have been beaten to death, but please one more
attempt ...)

I can compile business objects as either:

1.  vbcom.dll (With apartment threading and the use of objectcontexts
properly) or
2.  vbcom.exe (with "Thread Per Object" compile option)

Sure with point 2. I lose Com+ or MTS scalability options, but my
question is:  are there any performance gains to be had with point 2?
What about stability?

(Object pooling is also not a concern for me because I handle all my
database interaction through ADO which handles the most important
object, which requires pooling, for me: viz.  connection.)

(This might be a silly question, perhaps I'm missing something!)


A Kauchali
South Africa

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Tue, 08 Jul 2003 00:32:06 GMT  
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