Excel interfacing and Multi Processing 
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 Excel interfacing and Multi Processing

Hi all, sry if this is the wrong group....

I am programming some calculation intensive analysis in VBA, with Excel
as front end.

What I want to do is this:
1. Use an excel workbook to read data to be analysed from
2. Start 2 new threads that would perfrom calculations (so as to use
both CPU's)
3. Have the 2 threads return results to my program
4. Write combined results to Excel

Can this be doen with VB6? Is it very hard? I am sure that I can split
the calculations in parts so that I can easily assign different data to
the two threads; those calculations wont interfere or overlap.

Communicating with excel may be slow, but it will not happen often, only
at start and end. It is the calculation itself where I should benefit
from dual processing and faster execution of code vis-a-vis VBA.

Kind Regards,
Umfriend AKA Crass

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